Cell Phone FAQ


How much does it cost to repair a cell phone screen?

It depends on the phone.  Most likely you are looking at a phone screen replacement, rather than phone screen repair.    

 Screen repairs for very old and very new phones typically cost more – because parts tend to be more expensive and/or harder to get. 

Call anytime to get a free estimate for your particular phone. 

What are the 3 most common phone problems you see?

The 3 most common phone repairs are:

Replace Phone Battery

Fix phone charging port

Replace cracked phone screen.

We also repair wet phone, overheating phone, sticky keys on phone, home button on phone,  broken phone speaker, low sound on phone, dirty phone, broken back or front glass - and more!

What are common problems with tablets?

We repair Samsung Tablets, Google Tablets, iPads.  We find that broken screens and battery problems are the most common issues with tablets. 

I think my phone has a virus - can you remove virus?

Yes, we can remove a virus from your cell phone or tablet.  Drop it by our office for a free estimate.

Who retrieves lost data from cell phone?

We do!  TucsonPhone.Repair retrieves both data and pictures from phones.  

Let us know what went wrong and we can give you an estimate on getting your data back.

Can you reset my phone for me?

Sure, we can factory reset your phone or help you create the settings you want.  Keep in mind, however, that we  cannot bypass the password you may have installed to protect your security.