Common Cell Phone Problems


Frequent Phone Problems

We see a lot of cell phone problems and the most common phone problems affect all phone brands. Bring your phone in now for help with any of these frequent phone problems. 

  • Damaged Screens
  • Cracked Case
  • Broken cell phone cover
  • Phone got wet - water damage
  • Unexplained crashes
  • Low battery life
  • Screen flickering
  • Running out of storage space
  • Overheating
  • Phone won't connect to internet
  • Phone running slow
  • Phone won't charge
  • Can't get cord into charging port
  • Phone shows bad or distorted display
  • Sticking or non-working phone buttons

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Cracked Phone Screen

Cracked phone screen or broken phone screen signals more than a bad looking phone.  Cracked glass on your mobile phone can also affect the touch screen and may even make your phone inoperative.  Don't wait for a small phone screen ding to turn into a big screen problem.  We fix broken phone screens for all makes and models, Android and ios. 

Call now or bring your phone in today for a free estimate. 

Cell Phone Battery Doesn't Last

You use that phone everyday - why put up with a phone that won't hold a charge?  

Typical symptoms of battery problems:

  •  phone battery runs out too fast
  •  phone battery won't take a charge 

Give us a call today for a free estimate on phone battery replacement.

Charging Port or Headphone Jack Won't Work

Phone jacks and power ports get a lot of hard use and we find they fail often. If your phone won't charge or you can't get the power cord into the charging port, you may have a broken charging port.   If your headphones won't work,  you may have a faulty phone jack.  

What you can do:

  • Make sure the power charger you are using is the one for your phone.  Sounds simple, but with so many different devices in our homes and offices today, it is easy to get chargers switched.  Each phone is built to work with a particular style of charger - be sure you have the right one.

  • Verify the problem is on the phone, not the cord you are trying to plug into the phone.  If you are trying to plug in a set of headphones for example,  try plugging in a different headphone to see if the problem is in the phone or in your headset.  

Want us to check it out for you?  We can do that - just bring your phone on in for a look see.

My Phone Got Wet!

Water damage accounts for a lot of phone repairs.  If your phone has gotten wet, bring it in as soon as possible.  Moisture and phones don't mix - we may need to replace key internal parts to get your phone running right again.

Phone Buttons Stopped Working

A sticky home button or control buttons that don't work can make your phone more of an annoyance than a convenience.  If your home button gets stuck or your volume button is broken, call for a free estimate.  Let's get that phone working right again.

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